Monday, 28 May 2007


I always love food. I never ever had any aversion towards any food items. Be it road side corn cobs cooked on coal kumpati, regi pallu, Palm seeds (thati munjulu), I miss everything here. I've been away from India since 2002. So whenever Summer begins in India, I keep asking my parents on phone "Are you eating mangoes, I'm missing them Waaaaaahhhhhh". This would be my starting point of conversation with anyone in India on phone during summer. I did eat mangoes while I was in USA, and also in the UK, but never found the famous Indian (esp Andhra) banginapalli variety where I lived.

So when my friend told me that they found these Banginapalli variety in Birmingam market, I started pesting my hubby to take me to that place. Atlast this weekend we went to our friends' place which was near Birmingham and I bought my favourite mango variety frm the local market there. So nearly after 5 years I'm tasting these....