Sunday, 29 July 2007

Dibba Rotti (Rice Flour Roti) - Akki Roti

I've been making these for the past one year, but never knew that the recipe is from Karnataka cuisine and was known as Akki Roti. I always called it as dibba rotti (sounds odd..isn't it?)...People tend to comment those who are little plumpy as Dibba Rottis...the reason being these Rottis are little thick....I've recently come across a wonderful blog of Padma where she posted her version of rice flour rotis. It was then I noticed that this recipe was from Karnataka...Thanks for sharing Padma..

My recipe is slightly different..By now, you might have got used to my way of using ingredients...I just tend to mix whatever I feel like and try my level best to avoid as many ingredients as possible from the original version according to my convinience...If it comes out tasty well and good...If not, lite theesko tendency....

I love these akki rotis (no more addressing them as dibba rottis...akki rotis sounds good) for they are very easy to make and doesn't need any prior soaking, grinding, fermenting bla bla bla stuff. Here goes the recipe,

Rice flour - 2 cups
Onions - 1 - Finely chopped
Green chillies - 4 - Finely chopped
Chana dal - 1 table spoon (soak in hot water and drain)
Cumin - 1 tsp
Salt - as per taste
Warm water to mix
Oil to roast

1. Mix all the above ingredients except water. Pour warm water gradually and mix to a thick batter consistency.

2. Take a Tava (dosa pan) and grease the surface with oil. Pour a ladle full of the above batter and spread using your hand into a circular shape (you cannot spread it like normal dosa batter because of its different texture and consistency).

3. Now swtich on the stove and add 1/2 tsp oil around the edges of the roti.

4. Cover the pan with a lid (atleast the portion of the pan with roti). Cook for 2-4min.

5. Turn to the other side carefully and cook for another 2min (No need to close with the lid now).

6. Make sure the roti is roasted well on both the sides and remove from the pan.

7. Run cold water on the bottom of the pan to let it cool and repeat the procedure for remaining rotis.

Serve with any chutney. We eat with peanut chutney/coconut-roasted chickpeas chutney.

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Padma said...

hey keerthi, your version also looks yummy have to try your 'Dibba rotti' the photos are looking tempting and mouthwatering...