Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Stuffed Green Chillies/Mirapakaya Bajji with heavenly Tulsi/Basil Tea

If I recollect the golden era of my college days in Vijayawada and try to post them, Mirapakaya Bajjis and Punugulu (Urad dal dumpings) must and shld be dedicated a seperate post... We were a group of 7 girls in our hostel...we used to call ourselves as 7 stars or Dhruvatharalu...kikiki....

Chandu - Bakki n Beauty
Swapna and Me - Gundoos and foodie buffs
Jyothi - Would be Gundoo n Calm
Anitha - Our Heroine
Basu - Monkey
Malathi - Silent n Strict..

Every evening we used to take turns (2 girls on each day)and go to the nearby snacks centre directly from the classes and buy all these stuff.....Mirchi bajji, egg bonda, punugulu and pappundalu (peanut balls)...the other 5 will be eagerly waiting in the hostel...we all then share our qunatities (obviously lion's share to the foodie buffs in the batch) and relish every bite of it, whilst gossipping about the lecturers, guys, movies what not? I wish we all could meet after 10 or more years at some place and share these precious moments again....Miss you all darlings...These bajjis are for you (naaluge chesaanu 7 members ki ela ani already doubt vachesindi kadaa...kikiki...share chesukundamle)

Ok coming to the soon as Suman left to India I started roaming in the city centre...I bid him send off in the bus station and without returning to home I went to the city centre to do some bewaars (useless) shopping...I found the long green chillies (for stuffing) in Tesco....So I thought I'ld make these bajjis...The recipe is very simple...I followed our Hyderabadi girl Cinnamon's Recipe, except that I added sesame seeds and dessicated coconut for stuffing...avoided boiling of green chillies too...Mrs Lazy Bones...that's me...hehehehe..


Besan/Gram Flour - 1 cup
Rice flour - 2 tsp
Green chillies - 4 (make a slit length-wise and carefully remove the seeds, if you don't you'll have to enjoy the pleasure of burning your tongue :P)
Baking Soda - 1 pinch
Salt - to taste
Ajwain seeds - 1/2 tsp
Peanuts - 1 table spoon (dry roast them and grind to a smooth powder)
Sesame seeds - 1 table spoon (dry roast and grind to a smooth powder)
Dessicated coconut - 1 table spoon
Tamarind juice - 1 table spoon
Oil - for frying
Onion - 1 small - chopped finely
Lemon slices - 2


1. Mix the Gram flour, rice flour, ajwain seeds, salt and baking soda in a bowl using water to make a smooth batter. Should be of thick consistency
2. Mix the peanut powder, sesame seeds powder, dessicated coconut, salt with tamarind juice and make a thick paste.
3. Stuff the green chillies with this paste.
4. Heat Oil in a deep bottomed Pan and when the oil is piping hot, turn the flame to medium.
5. Dip this stuffed chillies in the flour batter and drop carefully in the Oil.
6. Fry them until golden brown and place on a tissue to absorb the excess oil.
7. Again make a slit length-wise on these bajjis and stuff the onion pieces and sprinkle some lemon juice.
8. Serve HOT

Tulsi/Basil Tea:

I learned to make this tea from my Aunt in Hyderabad..Very aromatic and tasty beverage.All you need to do is immerse a tea bag and few fresh basil leaves in boiling water and leave for a min. Remove the leaves n tea bag and add a few drops of lemon juice and honey. Mix well and enjoy it with your favourite evening snack.


Padma said...

Wow keerthi, nooru oristundi nee Mirapakaya Bajjilu...and what a combination with Basil tea! great post dear.....chala chala bagundi

Naga Jolokia Addict said...


I loved your recipe and also the photographs.

I am running a blog specially dedicated to Chilli peppers as under.

I have taken the liberty of borrowing your Bhajji photograph.
I have also given credit to you with a link to your blog .

I sincerely hope that you would have no objection.
In case you do not want me to use the photograph, please let me know.
I will immediately remove it .


Naga Jolokia Addict aka Hemant Trivedi

valluri rajesh chowdary said...

Keerthi garu, Thanks andi. Your post took me back to my own adolescent years, going to Inter and Eamcet training and snacking heartily on Mirchi bajji and Egg bonda. Truly wonderful memories.

Memu Bajji recipes kosam choosthunnam. yours comes closest to what we used to eat back then, but i remember the bajji bandi guy putting onions and roasted peanuts and chillies in the bajji after they are cooked. he used to have a stockpile of this mix and he puts it in whenever we ask for a bajji. We will stick with ur recipe for today and probably experiment with the other stuff some other time.

Thanks for the trip down the memory lane and also the recipe.