Thursday, 7 June 2007

Omlet - Silly experiment

People who visited my blog left their comments that the recipes look very tempting and few of them even praised my cooking skills...Phewwwwww! Me a cook???? hehehehe...Most of my cooking experiments turn out to be disasters. If I keep posting only my successful recipes, my blog may end up as one of the many recipe blogs on the net. All those bloggers are genuinely good at cooking, but not me...So just to keep myself apart from such great cooks, I thought I'ld start posting my failures too...This microwave omlet is one among them...Not a disaster, but definitely not a good one.

Method: Mix two eggs, 2 tea spoons onion pieces, two green chillies cut into pieces, salt in a bowl just as you do for a normal omlet. Pour this mixture onto a microwavable plate and microwave it for abt 1min . After one min take the plate out and carefully reverse the omlet and put it back into the oven for one more min (depends on the power level - I did it for a total time of 2min on a 750W oven on High).

I didn't add any oil to this. May be that's the reason why it didn't taste as good as the stove top cooked omlet. For those who started wondering why this girl opted for a microwave version, I found this version in a telugu news paper and wanted to give a try. But somehow it was not tasty....:(

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