Sunday, 1 July 2007

Coco-Jag-wheat pancakes - Theepi atlu

I made wheat dosa with Jaggery and coconut last weekend. I dunno how to name it....It tasted good and was a very quick n easy recipe.


Wheat flour - 1 cup
Jaggery - 1-2 table spoons (grated) - adjust according to your taste
Coconut - 1 table spoon (grated)
Cardamon Pods - 2 (make fine powder frm the seeds)
Oil - 1 tea spoon


Apart from the oil, mix all the above ingredients to a batter consistency. Heat Pan and pour one ladle full of batter on the pan. Spread it to 10-15cm diameter on the pan with the back of ladle. Add few drops of oil to the ends of the pancake/dosa. Once it gets heated turn over and heat the other side too. Serve warm.


sahasra said...

My mom used to prepare godum attu...ur post remained me to prepare them....

Apple said...

Oh yeah..this's an age old recipe of my grand mom and mom...Mine was not that perfect though :(

Mitr said...

Hey keerths.... super ga chesthunnav ga, vantalanni.... naaku ikkada aakali vesthundi, ee photos chusthunte.....
Amma, same godhumapindi thone kaaka pothe, onions, kaaram and salt vesi ichedi, adi kuda try cheyyi :)

Waiting for more recipes :)