Saturday, 21 July 2007

Nethi-Karam Dosa - Ghee dosa with Onion chutney and fried lentil-spice powder

Dosa with erra kaaram and pappula podi combo drizzled with Ghee is one of my favourite breakfast items...In our hometown there's a hotel called Venkatramana Vilas which is well known for its Nethi dosa...yummy n spicy melts in your mouth...there are many versions of kaaram dosa..this's one among them...

1. Make dosa batter (Soak 3:1 ratio of rice and urad dal over night, grind to a thick batter consistency adding little water in a blender, add required salt and a pinch of baking soda, keep it aside for 3hrs)

2. Errakaram - Blend one onion, 2 garlic flakes, 4 dried red chillies with salt and water (very little) to a smooth paste

3. Pappula Podi - Grind a cup of fried gram (putnala pappu/ dalia)with 3 garlic flakes, 5 red chillies, 1/2 tea spoon cumin seeds and salt to a smooth powder in a mill.

Final Procedure

Heat a pan and rub with a half-cut onion.

Take a spoon full of dosa batter (1) and pour in the centre using a ladle. Rotate the back end of the ladle and spread the batter to a circular shape of 10-15cm diameter.

Add few drops of ghee around the ends of the dosa. After 20 sec turn to the other side. Let it cook for 5 sec and turn back again.

Now take a 1/2 tea spoon full of erra karam (2) and spread on the Dosa

Spread a 1/2 tea spoon full of pappula podi (3) over the dosa

Add few drops of Ghee onto the top, fold the dosa and take it off from the pan.

Delicious when served hot.

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