Saturday, 8 September 2007

Curried Chapathi for Breakfast

I had a couple of left over chapathis from last night's dinner. I did not feel like throwing them away. I found a breakfast recipe posted by a friend Srividya in one of the discussion forums on orkut. So I decided to prepare it for my breakfast today. I loved the recipe a lot, delicious when served hot...Thanks for the idea Srividya..

A very simple n quickie recipe...

Leftover Chapathis - 2 (tear into 2 inch size pieces)
Onion - 1 chopped
Green chillies - 2 chopped
Tomato - 1 cut into chunks
Grated coconut - 2 tsp
Cumin - 1/2 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1/2 tsp - adjust
Garam Masala - 1/4th tsp
Oil - 4tsp


1. Heat oil in a pan.
2. Add the cumin seeds and mustard seeds.
3. Then add the onions and green chillies. Saute for 3-4min
4. Add the tomatoes, salt and garam masala powder and 1 cup of water. Mix well
5. When the water starts to boil add the grated coconut and chapathi pieces. Mix well and cook for 2-3 min.

Serve Hot. Doesn't taste good when cold.
This is my entry to WBB event hosted by Nandita of Saffron Trail.


Srivalli said...

Nice one on leftover can send this to Nandita of Saffron trail, for her WBB which is leftovers this month's

Rajitha said...

nice idea to use left-over chappatis..quick and easy too :)

bee said...

it's nice to discover your blog. have added you to our blogroll.

aruna said...

Hi Yes like rajitha mentioned nice idea. Hope you dont mind if i make a suggestion on your blog. Your
Font too small to read. Plus the background colour and font colour blending together, makes not so readble.

Apple said...

Srivalli..Thanks for the info dear..'ll send my entry

Rajitha..thanku but the idea is not mine...One of my friends' recipe

Bee..Thanku very much

Aruna..Thanks a lot for your comments..'ve changed the colors..I could not increase the font beyond this in the settings :(

Padma said...

HEy memu koda ila chesukuntamu, but we call it chapati talimpu...nice to eat left over chapatis

Raaga said...

Send this over to Nandita at

Nice recipe :-)

Musically Me said...

good idea...

Seena said...

thanks for visiting Simple and delicious!
Nice recipes here,it is good idea to make "chapathi curry".Hope to see you with more wonderful recipes..

Kajal said...

WOW......this is very nice use of Roti or Chapati......I love this dish we also made this dish but we use buttermilk in place of grated coconut. I like this plate as quick food.

Nags said...

u shud send this entry to weekend breakfast blogging. i think this wud be an awesome entry!!

Here is the link and event details. go for it girl :)

Sivani said...

Nice. The only problem we have is that there is never any leftover chapatti - they are finished by dinner itself!

Rohini's kitchen said...

Great idea. Looks fabulous. U have a nice blog.

Maverick said...

i tried this out and it came out great . added some lemon juice and garnished with coriander and red onions .

terrific but the bottom line is that this has to be served hot !