Thursday, 6 September 2007

Veggie Omelet

I've been trying to access blogger since 3 lonnnngggggg hrs to post my new creation today...None of my google services were working...Atlast after 3hrs I am able to logon to my account....

I had a hectic schedule at work today...I had no enthu to cook something for dinner...thought of making an omelet and eat it with rice n pickle...I love eggs a lot...the moment I decided to eat eggs today, all my tiredness was gone...The cook inside me woke up...why always a normal omelet..why not something new? Searched on the internet for nearly half hr for omelet recipes, but all of them had cheese, mushrooms, bacon etc etc on them...a complete vegetarian omelet recipe had gram flour (besan) and vegetables in it...but I wanted to eat eggs..So I added little quantities of veggies and made the omelet..It turned out so delicious and colorful..the moment I captured the images, I was longing to post it here and show off my new experiment...I made many alterations and finally came up with this recipe...


Eggs - 2
All purpose Flour - 2 teaspoons
Milk - 75-100ml (I didn't measure the quantity)
Grated carrot - 2 teaspoons
Chopped onion - 2 teaspoons
Chopped Green chillies - 1 teaspoon
Chopped Green Onions - 2 teaspoons
Tomato - 1 medium (cut into tiny pieces)
Salt - as per taste
Butter - 2 tsp (unsalted) - Oil can be used too


1.Break the eggs in a bowl. Add all the ingredients except tomato and butter to this egg mixture and beat thoroughly.

2.Place a pan on the burner and add the butter. When the butter starts melting spread it to all over the pan.
3.Pour this egg/veggies mixture onto the pan. Rotate the Pan so that this mixture spreads to all directions and evenly layered.

4.Cover the pan with a lid and cook on medium flame for 3min (Take care not to burn it)

5.After 3min using a sharp edged long spoon carefully reverse the omelet. Cook for 1 min and remove from the pan.

Spread the chopped tomatoes and Serve hot OR Spread some pickle on a roti/chapathi. Place this veggie omelet on the rot and roll it into a wrap and serve.


Musically Me said...

I have decided to make veggie omelet this evening.. inspired by your recipe... veggie omelet is an oxymoron isn't it... considering egg is not considered vegetarian?

Rajitha said...

keerthi..u are like my sis.. she loves eggs too.. the funny part is none of us at home eat it, so she would whine and crib and my mom would let her cook but boy! she would have to hear me cribbing about it for the next 2 days and just shut-up as amma was on my side he he ...

Nags said...

i make this often and have it as a meal in itself :)

Taste of Mysore said...

wooow ...that omelete looks colorfull. Protein, fibre, carb enriched it is a meal in itself.


beautiful colors ..i also make something like this but without the carrots ....guess we all have our version of omlettes ....nice blog u have here ....i like the pasta recipes ...and yes ur hubby is an exact opposite of mine ..mine loves rajma and any other lentil , so much so that I end up making lentils and beans 2-3 times a week . :-)

Padma said...

I make this when I have plenty of veggies handy, but I bake it in oven like Frittata, Nice photo Keerthi

Apple said...

@Musically me...first time I ever heard a word "Oxymoron" :O....I honestly dunno if this is a vegetarian dish..I myself being a pakka non-veggie never gave a thought abt it..:(..Do let me know if it came out..

@Rajitha..Lol...Great minds think alike...;)...just kidding

@Nags..yeah this itself is a complete meal, but I had it wrapped in a roti

@taste of Mysore..Thankyou..this's the first time I ever felt like my pictures are also looking good :D

@Spice of life..Thanks a lot for your visit and the compliments..See you again

@Padma..Thanks, I'll to bake in my next trial..Thanks for the idea

Kalpana said...

try adding fresh ginger too, it might taste goooooood. I too love eggs.