Saturday, 3 November 2007

Wholemeal Burfi

It seems like I can blog my recipes only over the weekend....weekdays I am being damn busy...tuesday 30th of Oct was my birthday and I had no time even to pamper myself with my favourite food item atleast..added to this I had to start off to work at 5.30AM that day...I've booked my holidays in December and 'm counting days...huhhh!
Anyways coming to the recipe I was craving for some festive sweets for the past few days....I just made pulihora for Dasara and did no rituals...Even for Diwali I don't think I can perform the pooja bcoz it's on Friday and fridays are the most busiest for me now a days...So I made my Diwali sweet today itself...coconut burfi, besan burfi are the normal versions of Burfi I make..but this time I wanted to try something else...and there were few left over bread slices...recently I've come across the procedure to make bread crumbs on video jug....So I decided to make bread burfi..I just followed the traditional version of besan burfi made by my mom, just replaced besan with finely ground bread crumbs...The taste was delicious especially I loved the color....I used wholemeal bread and hence I've got a dark brown color to the burfi...

So here's my Diwali treat to my blog buddies...


Bread Slices (white/brown) - 6 - maked about 2 cups of fine crumbs
Sugar - 1 cup
Milk - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 table spoon
Elachi powder (cardamom powder) - 1 large pinch
Almonds - 10


1. Place the bread slices on a baking tray and bake in a oven at 120C for 30min. Do not bake at higher temperatures orelse the bread slices will get burnt. After 30min the breadslices turn very crispy.
2. Break these crispy slices into chunks and grind them to a fine powder. Set this powder aside.
3. In a wide pan heat the Ghee and roast the almonds for a couple of minutes and set aside.
4. In the same ghee add the finely ground bread crumbs and roast for 2-3 minutes. Take this roasted crumbs powder in a bowl.
5. Now in the same pan add one cup of water and bring to boil.
6. When the water starts boiling add the sugar and keep stirring.
7. The sugar syrup starts thickening after a few minutes. At this stage quickly add the bread crumbs flour and keep stirring to avoid forming lumps.
8. Add the milk and elachi powder to this and keep stirring for 3-5min.
9. When the mixture starts thickening remove from heat.
10. Grease a plate with ghee and pour this mixture into the plate. Level the top with a spatula.
11. Let it cool for 2hrs. Cut into desired shapes and garnish with roasted almonds.
Note: If the mixture doesn't get hard enough put it in a freezer for 30min to cut into desired shapes.
This' my entry to (Jihva Special Edition: The Festive Series) JFS:Diwali hosted by dear Vee of Past Present and Me


Saju said...

omg, that looks sooooooo yummy. I am wanting to try it now. Thanks for sharing.

Vee said...

Wow, That is different. And a very novel wayto use leftover bread, too. Thank you, Keerthi, for participating and wish you very Happy Diwali. Hope you get some time to enjoy the festival amid your busy schedule.

Rajitha said...

belated birthday wishes keerthi...that burfi looks great and what a cool idea....hope u get some free time soon :)

TBC said...

Belated b'day wishes!
Using bread to make the burfi is such a clever idea!

Sirisha Kilambi said...

wow burfis bavunnay Keerthi.....that too whole bread idea :-))


Belated Happy Birthday to you.

A very innovative idea to use bread crumbs....really very clever n the color too looks so rich!


Happy cook said...

They are delicious. Never had whole meal burfi.

Asha said...

Those Burfis looks so yum K! Great color too!:))

bee said...

belated birthda wishes to you, keerthi.

Lissie said...

keerthi, they look soo inviting! i thought they are chocolate burfis!! unique recipe.

sagari said...

burfi lookssssssss sooo delecious


keerthi nee idea ki mechukvali ra...chala bagundhi recipe..healthytoo

Seena said...

Nice recipe, have to try this..Happy Diwali , dear! and belated B'day wishes too..

Sonu said...


remya said...

sounds delicious!!!! nice recipe..belated diwali wishes..

Mansi Desai said...

Hey that looks like a nice healthy dessert Keerthi:) love the dark brown color too! just throw in some chocolate and I'll gobble up all of them!

Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali!

Meera said...

Very interesting recipe with bread slices. I wish I had read it earlier so I would have made it for Diwali. Hopefully next year!:-)