Saturday, 19 April 2008

Biscuit Brittle!!!

How does the title sound? Last time, during my visit to Hyderabad, attamma made this extremely easy to make, tasty dessert and me being a person with a sweet tooth, immediately fell in love with these cute biscuit brittles...I also found these on Nags Blog, attamma avoided cocoa powder, but I added this and followed Nags' recipe coz I loved to have chacolate color for my preparation.

Recipe is extremely easy, even kids can prepare this :D

Ingredients: (for 2 Bsicuit Brittles)
1. Marie Biscuits (I used rich tea biscuits) - 8
2. Milk - 1/2 cup
3. Coffee powder - 1 tsp
4. Unsalted butter - 1 tbsp
5. Powdered sugar - 1 tbsp (you can add more for extra sweetness)
6. Cocoa powder - 1tsp


1. Warm up the milk in Microwave and mix the coffee powder.
2. Now dip each Biscuit in this milk and stack 4 of them one above the other in a plate.
3. Make 2 such stacks.
4. In a bowl take the butter and warm up for about 30sec in the microwave.
5. Mix powdered sugar, cocoa powder with the butter and make a thick liquid like paste.
6. Pour this liquid over the 2 biscuit stacks and see that this paste covers all the stack uniformly.
7. Place the plate in the freezer for 1hr.
8. Break into 2 or more pieces and enjoy.

Store them in the normal refrigerator to consume later. Do not freeze them for more than an hr, orelse you'll have to test your teeth later :)


Chaitali said...


Mee biscuit brittle chala baavundhi. Mouth watering!! I will try to make these. Thanks for posting.

- Chaitali

Praneetha Raghava said...

biscuit brittle chala bavundi and looks very simple to prepare also.. i have to try this.