Sunday, 3 June 2007

Chapathi with Aloo/Potato Curry

This's my fav dish. Aloo curry with rotis..I can live on this alone for ages. As I already mentioned, I'm Mrs Lazy Bones...I try to cut down the effort to prepare any recipe and this's not an exception.


Potatoes - 3 (cleaned, peeled and cut into small cubes)
Onions - 2 (sliced into pieces)
Green chilli - 5 (sliced into small pieces)
Turmeric - 2 pinches
Oil - 2 large tea spoons
Water - 3 small cups
For Popu/tampering- Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds, Urad dal , Chana dal - 1 tea spoon each ; curry leaves - 5 and Garlic cloves - 2

Put a pressure cooker on the hob, heat the oil and do the popu/tampering. Once the popu is done add green chilli pieces and Onions and saute them for 2 min. Add the turmeric powder and then the potato cubes. Add water and mix sufficient amout of salt. Close the pressure cooker and cook it for until 3 whistles. Let it cool. Open the lid, mix well and Serve hot with Rotis or Puris.

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